Rope Details

This is the new generation of rope skipping - a Dutch innovation - in which the high level TSN sport rope (0.705) is connected to a microprocessor in the handle. It fully automatically registers/calculates a lot of rope skipping data without any button.
A top piece of fitness equipment!

Main results on display


  • Total number of rope laps
  • Continuous average speed
  • Working time in exercise
  • Personal Performance Indicator/PPI

Extra's in the microprocessor

  • A 18 seconds break time
  • Memory, storing all individual results
    (easy to wake up)
  • Batteries shock safe
  • Fully automatic on/off, no buttons

Sport rope 0.705

  • Flexible durable sport rope
  • Diameter 6.7 mm and rope length 2.75 m
  • Metal swivels for high speed
  • Adjustable for each user

What is the PPI?
Personal Performance Indicator

Rope skipping is very personal; weight, length, age and familiarity with 'skipping' (physical condition) are the main components of any result indication. PPI is calculated from speed, laps and working time.
It's not a simple calculation, there is more to the 'brain', it registers progress: the better you skip the slower your PPI grows, so the result is very personal! Based on the knowledge of rope skipping. The PPI is easy to follow, easy to use and the perfect indicator.
You can work on a new target every day: "How's your PPI today?"